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Haberdasher Service: June 2022

This week we welcomed the Haberdashers to Bunbury church for our traditional Deputation Day service. The Deputation Day service has been an annual service, apart from the past 2 years, where members of the Haberdasher Company come to present our year 6 Leavers with a bible. The school, named after its founder, Thomas Aldersey, dates back to 1594 when it was a boys’ grammar school. The school buildings and grounds are owned by the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, one of the twelve Great Livery Companies of London, but is now administered by the Rural Church Schools Academy Trust. The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers takes a Trustee interest in the school and provides annual endowment funding which support projects at the school.

For more information about the Haberdashers please follow the link below: 

All the children were involved in the Deputation Day service and confidently presented highlights from our summer term STEM project. We were, as always, incredibly proud of all the children, their ability to present, speak in public and perform was incredible. It was also a very proud moment to present our year 6 Leavers with their bible.

                                     haberdasher.pnghaberdasher 2.png

We have also recently welcomed 2 past pupils back to Bunbury to run singing workshops with the children as part of their work with the church. The children have thoroughly enjoyed being part of these sessions which have led to subsequently performances in church. 

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