Homework is the perfect opportunity to build those home/school relationships that we value so much here at Bunbury CE Primary.  However we don't agree with homework just for the sake of giving it.  Homework needs to have a purpose.

We believe that homework has the potential to raise standards by:

  • Increasing the time given for re-enforcing basic skills
  • Providing the opportunity to develop thinking skills and individuality
  • Extending coverage of the National Curriculum
  • Improving study skills
  • Improving attitudes to learning
  • Involving Parents in the learning process

Homework is set for children from Early Years through to Year Six

Our staff plan homework as an integral part of curriculum planning with clear links to class work.  They know the importance of setting tasks matched to the abilities of pupils, following up with children and parents when there are difficulties over the completion and return of homework, ensuring that homework is marked or checked as appropriate.

Homework set may be to consolidate class work, to leave pupils to pursue their own lines of enquiry or practice a specific skill.  The tasks may include factual or imaginative writing, reading, spelling, learning, revising, illustration, research, practical activities or even thinking.  Some homework may be set and handed in via our virtual learning environment.

There are many ways in which you as parents/carers can help your child: encouraging and supporting, checking presentation, handwriting and spelling, testing what has been set to learn, listening to reading, asking about research or topic work, and encouraging a prompt return of work into school.  These are all ways of helping and supporting your child to appreciate the importance of homework, and see homework as an extension to class work.

Of course, children work at different speeds and so doing homework can take longer for some than others.  If there is a repeated problem over homework, we encourage parents/carers to get in touch with your child’s Class Teacher. Similarly, we shall get in touch with you if we feel there are frequent problems over homework which you could help us resolve.

We ask that you support us in seeing that homework is done conscientiously, in the best possible conditions and returned promptly to school.

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