SEN resources


In these uncertain times, we want to help you and your children as much as we can with access to the following educational resources:    


Memory Games-Help boost your memory with the following games:


Phonics Play -Phonics Play is currently free for all users during the school closure period and includes lots of interactive games.
Username: march20
Password: home


Oxford Owl - free e-books for ages 3-11, and range of how-to videos for maths. They also have a parents’ page which explains how spelling and grammar are taught in schools. If you ever wondered what a 'fronted adverbial' was, here's your chance to find out!


Seusville - a lot of activities, crafts and games based on the world of Dr Seuss


IDL -Many of you already have a Log In to access daily IDL Reading and Spelling and/or IDL Maths. Please continue to use daily for 20 minutes. 


Dyslexia Gold-Your children are now able to access Dyslexia Gold programs for the rest of the academic year, for your children to play at home.  The programs work on laptops, computers, tablets and phones and only need an internet connection.

If you would like to use this program, please complete the form on this page:

It will give you instant access to the Teacher's dashboard where you can create your child's account free of charge!


Twinkl-Twinkl is supporting school closure with Home Learning Packs which includes an SEND Learning Pack. Please follow the following steps;

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter the code  CVDTWINKLHELPS


Access Art resources


Computing coding programme


Geography-National Geographic Kids – Activities and quizzes


History-Virtual museum tours


Fun Brain - A fun, educational website

Various visual learning games-  Available at StarfallICT GamesTop Marks and Crickweb - helping children to consolidate early skills.

Some daily activities provided by celebrities

Non-daily events include:


Social and Emotional: 


Many children will be asking lots of searching questions at this unprecedented time. Please find attached below some child friendly social stories that you can share with your children to help alleviate some of those questions and anxieties.

The BBC Newsround site has a comprehensive section on coronavirus with text and video guidance focusing on tips if your child is worried, how to wash your hands, and what self-isolation means.

Information for those struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


General information for young people about managing their mental health

National Autistic Society – guidance and helpline for parents’, young people and staff:

Help with managing anxiety


CarersUK - Guidance for carers


Special Needs Kids -  An information directory for parents and carers

  • IASS Network - Advice and support for parents of children with SEN


  • The National Autistic Society -website provides a really useful set of social stories to share with children, covering topics ranging from coping with a new baby in the family to getting a haircut to making friends.There is guidance on how to write your own personalised social stories.

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