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Ethos is a new lunchtme club any children from Year 1 upwards are welcome. It is about Christian values and learning more about yourself. It will take place from 12.00 to 12.30 on a Tuesday lunchtime. The first week was a great success we organised for doughnuts to decorate. The doughnut represented your physical features and the hole your spiritual self. The children had to decorate the doughnut and write on a piece of paper things that were important to them to make up the hole.

This week we did two activities one was a paper chain of kindness and the other was a key to being a good friend. On the key the children wrote what you could do to be a good friend and on the paper chain they wrote things that they could do which are kind to other people.

Ethos committee have also made a reflection area out in the wllow tunnel it is very peaceful. Children can go in at playtimes. It has been very popular.

The members of Ethos committee are

Year 6 Daniel Totty, Megan Stansfield and Sophie Harrison.

Year 5 Tilly Green

Year 4  Nathan Hall

Year 3 katie Thirlwall

Year 2 Oscar Williams

Year 1 Oscar Williams

If you have any ideas for activities please contact one of us.

Daniel, Megan and Sophie

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