Year 5 - week two

Date: 19th Sep 2015 @ 8:14am

Good morning,

This week,  we made dough maps that included man-made and natural features of the UK and France (I have attached some photographs of our maps). In English, we completed two characterisations; one of Houdini and one of Hugo, both were fabulous to read – well done.

Next week in English, we will start analysing  newspaper reports in English. In maths, we will continue to apply our understanding of addition and subtraction when analysing data, than move to using formal methods of multiplication.  Our topic focus will be Science where we will be exploring Space.

Thing to remember:

The Macmillan Coffee Event - Friday 25th September

PE is on Monday

Swimming is on Tuesday

We are not going to Burwardsley on Tuesday – Year 6 are.


Year 5’s challenge

Your challenge, if you choose to accept  it, is to answer these questions:

What do you already know about space?

What would you like to find out?

Is a border man-made or a natural feature?   Why?

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Miranda hewish wrote:

Thank you for this information, Freddy finds it difficult to tell me what he has done in School so this is very helpful.

Jolie Nuttall wrote:

There are eight planets in the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune and I would like to find out more about them.


There are 8 planets in the solar system.
There is no gravity in space and or the moon.
The sun is really hot so no one has managed to walk or go anywhere near the sun as it is far to hot for our body to take.

Harley H!!! wrote:

I read it.Space is what is surrounding our planet and it is endless. I would like to know if any living thing is living on a different planet (Aliens). I don't know if borders are man made or natural :,(

maya kasteniemi wrote:

in the solar system there are 8 planets which are Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus. I would like to know is there anything living in space. A natural border between states or their subdivisions which is concomitant with natural formations such as rivers, mountain ranges or desserts. The " doctrine of natural boundaries" developed in western culture in the 17th century being based upon the " natural" ideas of Rousseau and concepts of nationalism.

Meg wrote:

I think that borders can be man made or natural because a river can be a border but so is the China wall.Some borders between county's are not physical.

To star with,my mum works at Jodrell Bank! Within Space is the solar which contains the sun,moon,our earth and in total I think there's 7.🚀

Jessica welling wrote:

no gravity /i would like to find out if theres any living creatures. / Whats a border man?

Elizabeth Jones wrote:

I cant decide if borders are natural or manmade, it depends which border because sometimes they can be mountains or rivers... But they could also be bridges or signs. But most of the time I think they are manmade.
There is no gravity in space and there are eight planets.

Tilly wrote:

Hello. I have learned about space in my old school. I know that there are 8 planets in space which are Neptune, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and earth. I didn't know that Uranus was a planet, until I looked at Jolie's post. Is the Sun and Moon a planet? How far away is space. Also there is not Gravity in Space as you might know that's why Astronauts have to wear space helmets so that they get oxygen also that's why on a plane if you needed to get of the plane you have to wear a mask so that you get enough oxygen. The first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong. Astronauts bounce on the moon because their is no gravity. How far away is space also how long does/would it take to get to Space? The future workers say that in the future you will be able to go to Space! I wouldn't go would you??? Saturn is surrounded by rings made by gas.

Tilly wrote:

I think both because rivers and sea borders are natural I think that because the river or sea was not built it was always there. But if it's the China wall I think it's manmade because its been built.

Isla Kinnear wrote:

Isla kinnear wrote:

I think a border can be a boundary or a separation between two places an example of a boundary:A fence around a garden .An example of a separation is:Two countries being separated by a sign.

Alexander!!! wrote:

the moon controls the tides of the sea with it's pull and gravitation.
I would like to find out about asteroids
A border can be natural or man-made

Daniel! wrote:

some borders are manmade and some are natural because somebody has drawn it on a map or theres the sea/rivers which are natural!

Sophie wrote:

I now that there is eight planets in the universe.
I would like to find out are there aliens living on planet mars?
I think a border is natural because when the meteor hit earth it separated the earth into lots of worlds

joseph williams wrote:

i think he stars are bigger then the sun. and stars are not actually not pointy.

Dilan L :p wrote:

The seasons are created by the earths rotation around the sun so when it is closest to the sun it is summer and when it is furthest away from the sun it is winter.

Calamity Jane (Annabel) wrote:

Jupiter and Saturn are gas planets whilst uranus and Neptune are ice planets!!!
There are 8 planets and in 2006 (the year I was born!!!) Pluto became a planet no more!!!
The website I found this on is called Sky & Telescope!!!

Ellie Huntbach!!!! wrote:

There are eight planet on the solar system

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