Year 3 W/B 27/2/17

Date: 26th Feb 2017 @ 6:15pm

Good evening Year 3, 

I hope you have all had a lovely half term and were not blown away by Storm Dorris! I spent the whole week in Rome and the weather was lovely. 

We will beginning our whole school project "The Sea of Dreams" on Monday with an art day, looking at sea scapes. We will be working together with Y4 although you will be doing your own pieces of art work. The school will be transformed into a coastal place and will exhibit the Arts from every class whilst retelling the story. This book has no words which I love as we have freedom to write what we can see and everybody sees things differently. You will be able to go to town with your sentence openers, extended noun phrases, story and poetry writing and a non chronological report on sea creatures. Any seaside items you may have will be greatly received and looked after during the time of the art exhibition.

For the rest of the week we will be finishing our work on Dragon Machine. We will finally see how the story ends and you will write an alternative ending using paragraphs. In maths we will continue with our work on Fractions looking at fractions of amounts (incl finding 2/3 etc) and using fraction walls to identify equivalent fractions. There will be plenty of cakes to go around to help us understand! 

In the afternoons we will be looking at our local area in preperation to our trip to Beeston. Is Beeston Castle the place where dragons belong? Has anyone seen any dragons during half term?

On Friday it is World Book Day. The theme will be the seaside, maybe too cold for swimming costumes and trunks but how about a mermaid, stripes and spots, crab, fish, pirate etc. Have a think and lets see who can be very creative. Perhaps even make your costume! 

See you in the morning, 

Miss Cork 

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