Year 3 W/B 16/5/16

Date: 16th May 2016 @ 9:38pm

Good evening Year 3,

Sorry this blog is a day late - I was enjoying the sunshine too much and simply forgot!! 

This week in English we will be continuing with our work on 'The Big Blue Whale' and looking at non-chronological reports. We will be taking on the role of David Attenborough to learn, plan and write a report on Blue Whales. Again our focus will be on organising paragraphs and starting each paragraph with a fronted adverbial (don't forget the rhyme 'i see a crazy penguin dancing' to help you do this). Our spelling focus will be adding the suffix 'ness' and 'full'. 

In maths we are going to be looking at units of measure. We will begin the week with an investigation, 'which is bigger  - my forearm or my foot?'. Later in the week we will be comparing and ordering measures.

In the afternoons we will be continuing with our work in RE on descriptions of God, we will finish your soaring birds and continue to investigate the jaggedy daggers. Comment in the box below and tell me your thoughts about them so far. Who are they? What kind of rock do you think they are? Why do you think that? 

Don't forget your takeaway homework is due in next Wednesday. I am looking forward to seeing your marvelous creations and having them fill the classroom once again! 

Miss Cork

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Max wrote:

I think the jagerdy daggers are slate because slate lives at the sea side and slate is pointy and spikey.l think they are mean and horrible rocks that crushes anything

Alice Totty wrote:

i think it is slate as well and because slate is sharp.the jaggery daggers it are metimorphic rock because they float above the surface


Alice x

amber wrote:

I think so to.

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