Year 1 - Wb 14/03/16

Date: 18th Mar 2016 @ 5:20pm

We have had an exciting week in year 1 and all children have produced some beautiful pieces of writing! 

We really enjoyed our visit to the Lord's Prayer experience at church. The church looked amazing so thank you to Rev Tim and team who did a fantastic job!

we also had a brilliant day on Wednesday for Science day! Our question to investigate was 'Do you have astronaut skills?' We decided astronauts need to be physically fit, clever and have good dexterity! Here are some of our activities:

- we learnt about forces by exploding a balloon rocket down the corridor. We learned it was a push force called a thrust!

- we practised doing fiddly things with our hands and then with big gloves on. The oven glove was the hardest! 

- we designed simple exercises to test our fitness! We did this in t-shirts and then coats! It was much harder! 


We we have had a really fun week! Next week...Easter rehearsals!


Well done to everyone who did cross country... What an amazing turn out! 


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