Y6 week beginning 7 3 16

Date: 6th Mar 2016 @ 12:50pm

Well, I do hope you are all having a good weekend.

We were so impressed with you all on the THS challenge day. Your behaviour was exemplary and you confidently mixed so well with all the other children from the feeder schools.

Also we were very impressed by your approach to our Critical skills day based on our chosen World Book day book: 'The day the crayons quit' by Oliver Jeffers. You all worked really hard under quite strict time restrictions and managed to produce some fabulous work. Your use of persuasive language was good and the finished quality was of a high standard. So, well done to you all. I have displayed the work in the classroom and will add some photos too next week.

Don't forget that some of you have indoor athletics on Thursday morning so make sure you have trainers etc. with you in school. Also on Thursday afternoon we have the School council Bake-off event which will be fun and a chance for you all to get creative!!

Maths club went well with lots of you here and even managing to bring some of your parents along too. We went through addition and subtraction formal methods and next week shall be looking at multiplication and division.So, feel free to come along and join in the fun!

Please don't forget to be thinking about Takeaway homework for this half term. The sheet is on the class page on Y6 but I have some paper copies at school if you want one. We will have our celebration day on March 30th so get thinking and doing!

The last thing we need to be thinking about is to make a Lenten Box which can be as simple or complicated as you like as long as you can collect money inside through Lent. This will then be taken to church for our Easter Service on Thursday 24th March and all the money collected will be given to a charity.

See you all on Wednesday


Mrs B and Mrs C


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Holly wrote:

I made a few new friends at Tarporley, and I really enjoyed the Spanish activity. I also really like the Critical Skills Day, and I think my new poster in ten times better than the previous one I did

Ellie wrote:

So did I Holly I made lots of new friends and really enjoed the Spanish activity

Holly wrote:

I can't wait for takeaway homework, can you? I have done a leaflet for 'giant' buildings (Shanghai Tower) so I can't to show the class.

Holly wrote:

I meant ' I can't WAIT to show the class'. Sorry!

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