Y6 Tarporley Transition Day 2

Date: 8th Mar 2017 @ 9:28pm

Yesterday, Y6 participated in their second transition day at Tarporley High School which focussed around Science and Technology. 

After arriving, we were put with another school (Oak View) and started off with a science lesson - using flames to heat up different chemicals to observe the change in temperature in a test tube of water. Everyone looked the part with their safety glasses!

Next, we had a technology lesson where we made our very own catapult (myself included!) A few of the boys wanted to cut up as many blocks of wood as possible just as an excuse to use the saws more as they found this very enjoyable! We then used our catapults to fire polos over the castle wall to try and win some chocolate eggs. Unfortunately, I wasn't a winner but we had some brilliant shots! 

Finally, we had our second Science lesson of the day where we designed a car which would protect a part-boiled egg. We only had one pound to spend to buy the materials so there was a lot of careful consideration. After buying the items and breaking a couple of eggs, there was a great variety of finished designs using different materials which were tested down the ramp to see which would survive! The best design went (very deservingly) to Sam's group as theirs included a crumple zone!

It was a brilliant hands-on day - thank you, Tarporley!

I wonder what the next transition day has in store...

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