Y6 Stockport Air Raid Shelters

Date: 19th Feb 2017 @ 2:57pm

On Wednesday, Year 6 travelled back to 1940! Dressed in role as evacuees, complete with gas mask boxes and evacuee tags, we made our way to the Stockport Air Raid Shelters and Stockport Museum.

As we arrived, we were met by a Nurse and Warden who spent the day in role and explained to us that we would meet our new families by the end of the day. In 2 groups, we were then taken on a tour of the air raid shelters (which were used during WW2). We saw the toilet facilities, beds, first aid room and kitchen which gave us a picture of what life was like during an air raid. On our way around we sang wartime songs such as 'Run Rabbit Run' and 'The Quartermaster's Song'. However, many of our names were considered 'too posh' and modern so in order to complete our transformation to 1940 we became Mable, Mildred, Stanley, Derek, Cyril and so on - you know who you are! I have definitely adopted those names for you!

Once we had finished our tour, we walked to the Market Square where we had our rationed lunches wrapped in string and greaseproof paper. Even the teachers got involved: Mrs Black had rabbit stew whilst I had corned beef and beetroot sandwiches!

Our next stop was Stockport Museum where we took part in 2 hands on workshops: Make do and Mend and Air Raid Precautions. These activities involved looking at and using a variety of artefacts from the time. 

At the end of day, many were so engrossed in their role that I had many ask me: When are we meeting our new families?!!

All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and added to their knowledge of what life was like during WW2. 

Miss Hickson

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Mrs Rachel Harding wrote:

Lovely to see all the photos from the trip. Harley had a fantastic day, thank you!

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