Y4 week beginning 6.3.17

Date: 3rd Mar 2017 @ 12:57pm

Hello everyone

I am writing the weekly blog quite early as I have a very busy weekend. You are all at school at the moment dressed in a seaside theme to link with our whole school project. Looking at the tweets, the costumes look absolutely fantastic.

The art day that we had last Monday has produced some great results and I am looking forward to displaying these as soon as they are complete and mounted. Some of the poems you wrote about the front cover will go alongside the art work. I look forward to reading your diaries that you started today. We will continue with Sea of Dreams next week, making predictions, looking at powerful verbs and using conjunctions to join clauses.

Maths next week will begin with Mrs. Chakira teaching time on Monday before Mrs. Woodhouse and I will continue with decimals and what happens when we multiply and divide by 10 and 100. We need to be aware of what each digit represents both before and after the decimal point. We will be using our place value sheets to physically move numbers and then use our knowledge to solve problems ensuring that we can explain our reasoning and thinking.

In history you will look at the differences between the houses that rich and poor Tudors lived in. You will be researching for information in books, internet on safe sites and on youtube clips. After making a book you will display all the information you have found.

It will be the last week of The Kingdom of God and what Jesus meant when he was teaching us about the Kingdom of God. We will listen to another Parable of Jesus welcoming the children before showing freeze frames of the most important parts of the story. and answering the key question What did Jesus mean when he taught us about the Kingdom of God?

On Friday is the rearranged Y3/Y4 Indoor athletics 9.30-11.30 at Tarporley High School. Letters will be sent out on Monday.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday.

Love Mrs.W, Mrs.W and Mrs.C

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