Y4 week beginning 5.12.16

Date: 1st Dec 2016 @ 3:04pm

Hello everyone

Our work on non chronological report working is developing well. We looked at a report on Pandas and in groups came up with a list of what a good report should contain eg title, themed paragraphs that are not in any order, present tense etc. We have created a writers toolkit using this information. Next week we will find more information about the Mayans in preparation for a Big Write. The elephant reports you are writing at the moment are helping you to write a report step by step.

Next week, we will begin a unit of work on perimeter and area. Some of you are aware of what these terms are but you get confused which is which. Hopefully by the end of next week you will know! Assessment week is getting closer, not that you have anything to worry about. We will all be reading an unseen text next week in preparation for a comprehension on Friday. There will be no group reads next week as you will need the time to read your assigned books. It is important that we build up our reading stamina as there is quite a lot to read and understand in a short space of time.

The Mayan city is beginning to take shape, you will get the chance to finish your building before we assemble the city with the important buildings in the centre. Can you think which building will go where?

On Wednesday it is our annual trip to the New Vic Theatre to see the Snow Queen. You will be buddying up with Y2. It is very important to be beautifully behaved especially as you will be setting an example to younger students. On this day we will be having a slightly earlier lunch as we will be leaving at 12.30. Please make sure your parents know we will not be returning to school until 5.30 and they will need to pick you up from the classroom.

Have a really lovely weekend and we will be able to put up the tree next week as it is December. Christmas can finally be mentioned!!!!!

Love Mrs.W, Mrs.C, Mrs.W and Miss M

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