Y4 week beginning 24.4.17

Date: 21st Apr 2017 @ 5:52pm

I am writing this on Friday evening having learned the weather forecast is supposedly for good weather tomorrow and I have a lot of work to do in the garden, we will see!

66% of you turned out for the X country run at Tarporley High School last night, that is fantastic and equates to 19 children out of 29 ( Ben Chapman would have run too had he been well) Mrs Walker and I were so very proud of you all and everybody ran the whole distance which was a long way. A special mention must go to James Davies who came first, well done.

Next week we will complete our underwater adventures before spending a couple of days editing them using the editing stations. Miss Moores will then start a section on non fiction looking at underwater creatures. I wonder which creature she will choose?

I hope you all know different types of triangles and their properties and have started to name the 6 different quadrilaterals and their properties. Next week we will quickly recap on perimeter before moving onto angles and the use of protractors to measure the size of angles in degrees.

Creation is the new topic for RE, why don't you look up the word creation or create to find its definition? Can you remember the Christian story of the beginning of the World and God's role in the Creation?

Miss Moores will begin some map work on the British Isles using art and modelling. She will be doing this very creatively to make sure your topic books continue to look lovely.

Don't forget to ask for a photograph of someone in your family that you look like eg a parent or grandparent to continue your science work on inheritance.

Keep up with your takeaway homework, they were all suggestions that you wanted to do, we will need to see evidence of your work so far in the next couple of weeks.

Have a great weekend, we have a visitor in school next Wednesday, Bishop Libby who is coming in to bless our new MAT. We will need to welcome her to our school.

Love Mrs. W, Mrs. W and Miss M

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