Y4 week beginning 23.1.17

Date: 20th Jan 2017 @ 2:53pm

I am writing this quite early as I have a very busy weekend ahead with both children coming home before one sets off on her travels around the world. I am trying to get a lot of my work done today so that I can spend time with them.

First of all huge congratulations to the Y4 girls who played in the netball competition on Thursday night at Tarporley High School. Not only did you play well as a team but you were commented on by parents from other schools on how smart you looked in our netball strip. You were eventual silver medal winners, well done, great news.

Next week we will move on from equivalent fractions to finding fraction amounts of quantities in problem solving situations. eg Emily has a box of 24 chocolates. She eats a 1/4 and her mum eats a 1/3. How many chocolates are left? We can use practical equipment, simple drawings and diagrams and perhaps chocolates to help!!!! Remember as always our times tables really help with this to find a 1/4 i need to divide by 4 how many 4's are in 24? To find a 1/3 we need to divide by 3. How many 3's in 24?

We have found out some information about Tom in the Winters Child. We know what he loves, who he lives with and some of his feelings and emotions but we haven't found out who the Winter Child is yet. Next week we will return to writing dialogue using a speech sandwich. This helps to move the story on using a bit of dialogue rather than just having a boring conversation. From there we will move on to describe the view from the mountain top using those good old extended noun phrases which will then be used for poetry writing. We will be looking at verbs used and what happens to these when we write them in the past tense.

God as King will continue in RE looking at his kingdom. We have thought about what we would do if we were King or Queen and what we might do to change the world. It was lovely to see how some of you thought about the work we did last week on the refugees.

You have started work on the Tudors and this will continue next week looking at homes, conditions, work in both the country and the towns. We have some lovely reference books from the library for you to look at as well as some CD's and artefacts.

Last week we enjoyed learning how to say the days of the week in our French lesson (Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi, Vendredi, Samedi et Dimanche). Every day the children will be asked what day of the week it is and they will have to reply in French.

“Shhh! Listen!” is the title of our new Science topic and we are learning all about sound and hearing. Last week we listened to different sounds around the school and understood how sounds are made using scientific vocabulary. This week we will be using musical instruments to think about what makes sounds vary in volume and pitch. We will be drawing and describing sound waves.

In PE we will be continuing to devise and develop our own sequences to a piece of music. Ask the children to show you their dance so far, they are fantastic!

We are so proud of the children’s outstanding attitude in their brass lesson. They listen carefully, try very hard and are all making super progress with their instrument. Please keep on encouraging your child to practise at home.

Have a great weekend, hopefully the weather will continue to be so lovely.

Mrs. W, Mrs. W and Mrs. C

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