Y4 week beginning 16.1.17

Date: 15th Jan 2017 @ 1:40pm

Good afternoon everyone,

we were really proud of you all last week when we spent time looking at article 22 on the right to safety and special protection of refugees.Your comments were both thoughtful and mature. I think we all came away feeling so very lucky with our lives and an aim to perhaps not moan so much when we don't get what we want.The work in both our class book and project books is excellent and we have displayed our joint work with Y3 in the corridors.

This week we will begin working on the text "The Winter's Child". before seeing the text we will read a few key statements from the book and make predictions about what we think the story is about and share these. We will then look at just the front cover and make more predictions or change the ones we had made previously. Using the front cover we will write some noun phrases, and then further extend these with prepositions before writing a setting description using the phrases made. Some of these noun phrases, your most powerful will be displayed on a snow flake that you will make in art.

You started to look at equivalent fractions at the end of last week and this will continue this week. In Y4 you need to recognise and show, using diagrams, families of common equivalent fractions which is our focus this week. You will do this practically, using fraction walls, drawing or making diagrams and solving problems where you have to explain your reasoning.

Our RE this term is based on the Kingdom of God and why this is important to Christians. We will be looking at parables that teach us about the Kingdom of God. Our key question is What could Jesus have meant when he taught about the Kingdom of God. Tomorrow we will look at God as King images and then talk about what we would do if we were King/Queen.

The Tudor topic will begin on Wednesday afternoon. What do you know already? What would you like to find out? How would you like to learn? As well as answering these questions you will find when the Tudors reigned in this country and which were the Tudor Kings and Queens.

It is the turn of Y3/Y4 netball on Thursday at the High School, so all you netballers get practising.

We look forward to seeing you this week.

Mrs. W, Mrs.W and Mrs.C

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