Y3 Week Beginning 9/5/16

Date: 8th May 2016 @ 8:57pm

Good evening,

What glorious weather it has been! I hope you all enjoyed the sun this weekend. 

We ended last week with an exciting science experiment! Our magma will of cooled and harden over the weekend. Can you remember what type of rock will of formed? Comment in the box below! Team points for the right answer! 

In English we are going to be using a lovely story called 'Pebble in my Pocket' to help us tell the story of a rock. We will be continuing to work on organising our writing into paragraphs. I am already looking forward to reading these as i know how creative you can be! 

In maths we will be looking at equivalent fractions. We touched on this last week and you remembered alot - i was very impressed! I have a great game on equivalent fractions which I am sure you will enjoy.

In RE we will be building on our work from last week and looking at descriptions of God. What symbols do Christians use to show God? We will also be finishing of your birds and adding the sand to our beach hut pictures. 

It is a very important week for Y6 this week and we can do our bit by being very quite when walking along the corridors. The SATS take place in the hall and in the Y6 classroom during the mornings. This means PE will definitely be outside so please ensure you have your kit and something warm.

If this lovely weather continues please make sure you have a sun hat, sun cream and a bottle of water.

See you tomorrow,

Miss Cork

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Ben W wrote:


Miss Cork wrote:

Correct Ben or should I say Geologist Webster! 5 team points for you.

Alice Totty wrote:

well done Ben

Rose wrote:


Chloe Hurd wrote:

i am really enjoying learning about iggneos ,mettmorphic and sedamenttre rocks.

francesca wrote:

me to

francesca wrote:


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