Y3 W/B 17/10/16

Date: 14th Oct 2016 @ 5:45pm

Good evening Year 3,

You have worked so hard this week on your writing and I am looking forward to reading your big writes. In maths you are becoming confident with the column method for addition and some of you even completed some challenges. Keep up the hard work as we enter our final weeks of the term! Also, well done to all X-Country runners. We had 60% of the class there which is great! 

In English you will recieve you big writes back. We will spend some time editing and redrafting our work before they enter your pop-up books! They are going to look wonderful! We will also begin to read Stig of the Dump. I love this book! 

In Maths we will be continuing with our work on column addition. You will be completing some more challenges and some of you will have a look at carrying 10's. You will also be completing a maths assessment. This is nothing to worry about - it will simply show me what you have learnt this term and what areas we need to work on. Don't forget to go on Mathletics over the weekend. 

In the afternoons will be continuing with our RE work on Good News. We will be using the boats we made to retell the story of Jesus Calming the Storm. We will also be continuing with our work on fossils. You will be making your own fossil and completing your chatterboxes. 

On Thursday we will be going on our Stone Age Trip. We will be leaving school at 9.15 and returning for the end of the day. You need to come to school dressed in old clothes (joggers, leggings etc) and you need to be wearing sensible footwear. We have been advised that you also bring a spare pair of shoes for the coach as the woods can be very messy! You also need to bring a packed lunch and a bottle of water. All of these things could go in a back pack so it is easier for you to carry. Please ensure everything is clearly named. We will have a great trip!

Have a lovely weekend. Make sure you do a little bit of your Takeaway Homework - it needs to be in school on Wednesday 26th October.

See you Monday.

Miss Cork 

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