Y3 W.B 21/11/16

Date: 20th Nov 2016 @ 10:29pm

Hello everybody! 

Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend. 

You will find as of tomorrow all the maths and english groups have changed. It is very important for you to work with other children as you all have skills that can help each other. Often one child can explain a problem to another child in a better way than a teacher and we will expect to see this. I will also be changing your afternoon spaces so by the end of the year you will of had opprtunties to work with everyone in the class. 

In maths we will be continuing with our work on estimating the answer to calculations. Many of you need to become secure with rounding to the nearest 10 as this will help you to estimate. I hope you have been working on it over the weekend! 

In English we will be starting to look at newspaper reports. You will be completing a cold task to show me your understanding of the genre so far and we will be creating a writers tool kit. You also be editing and re-drafting your diary entries - they are fabulous! Well done everyone! 

We will be continuing with our mini-books to compare the 3 parts of the Stone Age and Stone Henge will be introduced to you in our science lesson.

Remember it is our Rock Quiz on Friday. Everyone is welcome! Please arrive for 2.15ish to get set up and we will start the quiz at 2.30pm. Get revising!!!

See you in the morning

Miss Cork

P.S I will also be giving out Mathletic certificates!

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