Y2 News & Information 13.3.17

Date: 12th Mar 2017 @ 5:51pm

Week Beginning 13th March 2017

A much better weekend than last. Peachy, Jake and I enjoyed a lovely walk along the canal, over the river into town and back on Saturday in the warm sunshine. The river is still quite high. All the daffodils in town are starting to come out too.

This week Mrs Waddington’s father is coming to talk to the school about his volunteering with the RNLI.

In English this week we are continuing work linked to our whole school text ‘Sea Of Dreams’. We are still looking at diary writing in the first person. We will be developing vocabulary to describe storms. To help us we will be watching videos of storms on the Pacific Coast of Vancouver Island at a place called Tofino. I have visited Tofino but in the summer. The pacific was cold even then. In Youtube search for ‘Tofino storms’.

In Mathematics our focus continue to be Geometry – properties of shape. This week we are focusing on describing the properties of 3D shapes, which includes understanding the shape faces, edges and vertices. We are also reinforcing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills on a weekly basis.

We will continue with work on the theme “What Wonderful World” looking at the world from a geographical perspective and finding out about different kinds of homes including ocean habitats. This will link with our Science focus on Living Things and Different Habitats as well as to our school project on Sea of Dreams.

In phonics/spelling the focus is on words ending in ‘tion’. We continue in all lessons to develop and reinforce the use of different spelling strategies. Some children will have long vowel phoneme spellings as a reinforcement activity.

Our handwriting focus is on the following letters - r group r n m b h p k

In RE this half term we are discussing Forgiveness – How does prayer help Christian start again?, Salvation – What do Christians believed about salvation (being rescued/found)? and Resurrection – Why is the resurrection story important for Christians?

Our PE days are Monday (first lesson) and Wednesday (last lesson).

Reading Books
The children are welcome to change their reading book as often as they like but I would ask that you sign the reading record book when they have read to you or to themselves at home.
We have a reading session every day where the children take part in a variety of reading activities one of which includes Guided Reading with me. Here we focus on using the skills needed to decode words as well as developing comprehension skills.

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