Y2 News 26.11.18

Date: 25th Nov 2018 @ 4:32pm

Week Beginning  26thNovember 2018

A busy week ahead with lots of Christmas singing, the New Vic Theatre visit on Tuesday 27thNovember and the We Will Remember Exhibition on Friday 30thNovember 2pm-5pm. On Friday will be repeating our Remembrance Service.

Y2 will be visiting Kelsall Methodist Chapel on Wednesday 5th December. An email has  been sent about this. Please could you return your payment and permission asap.

Y2 Nativity Role
Y2 will be performing as sheep in the Reception, Y1 and Y2 Nativity. Please could your child bring in some plain white or plain dark clothing for their costumes. The dark clothing can be black, navy blue or brown. Any t-shirts/tops with a logo can sometimes be turned inside out. 
We will be using face paint. Please let us know in writing if you DO NOTwant your child to have face paint on. Clothes need to be in school by Monday 12th December at the latest in a named bag. Please let us know you need any help with this. 
This information will be emailed to parents/carers on Monday 26thNovember as well.

InEnglish we are continuing to use Walter Tull’s Scrapbook as part of our We Will Remember project. We may move on to a new text Badger’s Parting Gifts time permitting.

InMathematics we are going to be moving on to multiplication and division. In Y2 children are expected to 

  • recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables, including recognising odd and even numbers 

  • calculate mathematical statements for multiplication and division within the multiplication tables and write them using the multiplication (×), division (÷) and equals (=) signs 

  • show that multiplication of two numbers can be done in any order (commutative) and division of one number by another cannot 

  • solve problems involving multiplication and division, using materials, arrays, repeated addition, mental methods, and multiplication and division facts, including problems in contexts. 


  1. part of our daily maths fluency sessions we learn times tables. We love using Numberjacks Times Tables Songs

In RE our unit of work is called Incarnation. The key question is What does the visit of the magi tell Christians about Jesus? The children will learn What the visit of the magi tells Christians about Jesus. Why Jesus is considered a king by Christians.

Our handwritingfocus is on the following letters – letters with tails – f g j q y. You can download handwriting sheets from the Y2 class webpage. 

In phonics/spelling the focus is Homophones, using a GPC (grapheme phoneme correspondence) chart and other strategies for learning tricky words. We will be looking at the /s/ sound spelt ‘c’ before ‘e’, ‘I’ and ‘y’.

Y2 PEdays are Thursday and Friday mornings with Mr Dooley.

Y2 Reading Books
Y2 are welcome to change their reading book daily but I would ask that you sign the reading record book when they have completed a book at home with you. 

Miss Porter will check reading books on a Monday and I will do so on a Friday.

Miss Porter and I will each half term assess all the children’s reading using our benchmarking system. Please bear with us as it does take time but is a thorough assessment of the level the children are reading at. We will also check phonic and word recognition skills on a regular basis.

There is no new takeaway homework this half term.  If you want you can pick another activity from the list. Please continue learning spellings from the list given at the start of term and learning times tables.

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