Y1 Nativity week!

Date: 13th Dec 2015 @ 1:05pm

What a busy few weeks year 1 have had! We performed our nativity three times this week! The children were absolutely fantastic and many teachers have said it was the best performance they have ever seen! WELL DONE EVERYBODY! Year 1, your acting and singing were magical, especially as many of you were not feeling 100%. I am so proud of you!

In between performances we did manage to get a few things done!

The children made paper chains to decorate our classroom. They practised writing the name of numbers out and attaching them in the right order. It is a Year 1 learning Goal to read and write numbers in word form to 20. I have to say, our classroom looks much more Christmassy now!

The children have also started planning their own fairy stories based on Hansel and Gretel. They put their ideas onto a story mountain making sure that it was exciting! We are going to be making our own books! We looked at some book front covers and discussed how eye catching they were and what pictures were on them. The children are going to be finishing them off next week to hang off our tree on the Reading Area.


It has been an exceptionally busy term! Everyone is beginning to look tired and are fighting off colds. This weeks homework is to snuggle up on the Sofa by the fire with your favourite book (not too close mind!). Then go to bed early and get a well deserved rest! Maybe you could get someone to take a photo and stick it in your homework book so that I know you are doing your homework properly!

Some parents have ask for questions to ask their children while they read. I have put a word document on the class page with some relevent questions. Children moved up levels once their reading is fluent AND they can answer questions about the story.

I have also put some infomation about tricky words. Ideally, the children should begin to start reading these without sounding them out. After Christmas I will be sending some word cards home each week to help. It has been such a busy term with line learning and illness!

Keep up the mathletics!!!

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