Week beginning 19.9.16

Date: 17th Sep 2016 @ 12:28pm

Written by Year 5

Bonjour, we had our first brilliant French lesson this week.  We have done lots of exciting things: we made salt dough Antarcticas, that Mrs Frost has hopefully not burnt (they are still in the oven) Toby won a game of Simon says (in French), we performed our adverts, ate Haribos and flew drones in English. In maths we have been solving some mysteries involving letters and numerals. Oliver turned into Einstein and had to live up to his hair – he answered some fabulous questions about the value of digits in one million. We have created squiggle maps of the UK and drawn our own memory maps of Antarctica.


Next week, we are very excited about meeting our buddies. In maths we will be focusing on rounding numbers and counting in 3s, 4s and 6s. In English, we are going to apply for a job aboard Shackleton’s ship.  In topic, we are going to continue to add detail to our salt dough Antarcticas and create our own world maps.

Some questions for you to research this week are:

Who got to the South Pole first?

Which types of dogs did they take and why?

Homework this week is due on Tuesday and the meet the teacher meeting is on Wednesday at 4:30-4:45

See you next week.

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