Takeaway Homework

Date: 16th Nov 2015 @ 10:02pm

Takeaway homework

Today, everyone should have received a paper copy of the takeaway homework which outlines different tasks that are linked to the learning this half term. Each child can pick the activities that they would like to complete. As the tasks become hotter on the peri-ometer they become more complex and require more time and effort. Although there are eight tasks to choose from, each child is expected to complete at least three of the tasks but no more than six.

This week is also Arts Week so on Thursday and Friday we will be working in mixed aged groups to have the opportunity to participate in art related activities centred around the text Tell Me A Dragon by Jackie Morris. Some of the planned activities are a little messy so would it be possible to provide a T-shirt to protect your uniforms. This would be particularly useful on Thursday as it is also individual photographs day.

Thank you

Mrs Frost

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