Rock Cycle Rhyme by Year 3

Date: 20th May 2016 @ 4:24pm

Rock cycle Rock cycle where do you start?

I split into parts that's where I start.

I roll down a valley and land in the sea

pressure, pressure lots of pressure

this gives me sedimentary treasure! 

No! Rock cycle Rock cycle where do you start?

Below the volcano, down where it's dark, that's where I start!

there was an explosion with lots of sparks

there was lots of fire, you've got to admire

ash, magma, lava too.

i cooled down till I was hard like a piece of shard.

just then I had good luck, I found a diamond on a hook.

igneous rock is what it's called!

i took it home and put it in my jewellery box.

no! Rock cycle Rock cycle where do you start?

at the bottom of the sea is where metamorphism will be

where the heat and pressure change my shape and eventually transform the landscape.

no! Rock cycle Rock cycle there is no start, I keep on going like a speeding go kart!


Please learn you part with the actions. A date will be confirmed soon for a special event in Year 3! 

Miss Cork

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francesca wrote:

miss cork I'm going to practice it like I printed it now

Paige wrote:


James wrote:

I'll try

Rose wrote:

Me to

Amber bebbington wrote:

I already have

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