Reception week beginning 11 7 16

Date: 12th Jul 2016 @ 7:43am

We had a fantastic day yesterday at Olympic Day and coped with the weather. We were very fortunate the worst of the weather was at lunchtime when everyone was inside. Reception behaved marvellously as there were over 300 children in 16 teams. It was lovely to see the children from the two schools mixing together. At the end of the day we had some dancing led by Mrs Badger.

Today we will be writing about the experience ( we write whenever there is an opportunity!) The week continues looking at minibeasts, Africa and anywhere else that we can explore. Numbers is in everything that we do. The children have really got the idea of halves and doubles. We are continuing to read and of course there is phonics everyday. Thankyou for all your  support this term. I look forward to seeing you on Star Day. Next Wednesday we will be exploring at Cholmondeley Castle.

Mrs Crotty

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