Reception News week beginning 9 10 17

Date: 9th Oct 2017 @ 7:24am

This week we are still focussing on Handas Hen. The children have enjoyed the number activities and we have tried to make all the activities as cross curricular as possible. This week we are again ordering numbers and counting. All the activities are differentiated and linked to the child's indivdual learning.

The children will be going on a journey around Cape town on the train. They will build the train, have an on board cafe and see wild animals. This will link to number and literacy. This activity can be inside and out. The tickets will be numicon. The children can write orders on their clipboards. They will also be doing some movement and music to Handa's Hen. At the end of the week the children will do a "Big Write" on the story,

We are now organising reading books so that they can be given out for half term. We are also going to be giving out sound cards to reinforce the children's sound knowledge.

We have started French, RE and music. The children might talk to you about "Camembert ." He is a lovely bear who comes from France!

The children are very enthusiastic and full of fun. Here's to another exciting week.


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