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Date: 5th May 2017 @ 5:18pm

The children have worked so hard this week. I am trying to move them on and prepare them for Year 1. Many of the children are ready for Year 1 now. The curriculum in Year 1 is adapted to each child and at the start of the year is very similar to Foundation Stage. We have transition sessions, but they already know Mrs Moxley well and are used to different people taking them. They had Mrs Badger and Mrs Todd on Friday morning. The class are also having 6 sessions of music with the Love Music Trust called "The Barney Bear Project."

This week the children wrote a list of food that they would like for a party. We had a message from Captain Barbarosa that he had lost his treasure and the children wrote messages back. This week we are making pirate hats for our pirate party and writing a list of things to remember to keep us safe at the beach. We are going to be having some formal handwriting sessions this week. 

In number we are focussing on sharing, halving and doubling.

We are going to start a textile piece linked to the topic under the sea and we are also planting seeds in the garden. What a busy time we are having and the weather is lovely.

On the afternoon of Wednesday 17th May we are going to have a pirate party. The parents will be invited in for a drink and cake. More details to follow.

Mrs Crotty

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