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Date: 3rd Jul 2016 @ 10:14pm

Another busy week. Too busy for some of the children they seemed tired last week! This week we are building homes for minibeasts in the school wood and camouflaging them. We will also be doing some art where we camouflage an African animal on the page. In number we will be problem solving adding animal legs to make a certain number, counting in twos and creating caterpillar patterns. There will also be lots of writing, reading and of course phonics.

The children have loved a descriptive game that we have been doing called "What am I?" They have to come to the front of class and describe an African animal and the children have to guess. We are trying to encourage their descriptive language so that it goes into their writing. We will then create some little books with their writing in.

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Jen Duckett wrote:

That explains the new car game - I got in a lot of trouble for missing out descriptive details!

Laura Payne wrote:

Oliver has been asking to play that too. I keep getting told off that the animals I choose aren't African though (they are).

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