reception News week beginning 29 1 18

Date: 27th Jan 2018 @ 2:38pm

We have had a great week the children are working really hard. The planning comes really easily when we are using a good book and the Arctic is so interesting. We are able to get numeracy ideas as well. Needless to say we are focussing on penguins due to our book, Lost and Found. In number/ Knowledge and Understanding of the World/ Literacy and shape space and measure, we are making a boat, counting the bricks, talking about the shapes, seeing if the boat floats and sinks and then writing abut it! At the end of the week we will be making model boats out of cardboard boxes. We are also going to be thinking about what an explorer needs to go to the Arctic. We will be packing a sledge and then writing about it.


We will be ordering and recognising numbers. looking at number bonds and being investigators with numbers.

An exciting week


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