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Date: 10th Feb 2018 @ 5:25pm

We are now at the end of another half term. Where has the time gone? 

This week we are still looking at One Snowy Night and will be acting out the story. The children will be creating story maps and drawing the characters. In number we are looking at shape, space and measure. We have been thinking about 2d shapes and pattern. Pattern is so important as it can be with numbers or shapes.

Last week we went out into the school woods and looked for sticks and made triangles, squares and rectangles. We then thought about how many sticks we had used altogether if we had two shapes. This week we might go and order sticks in size.

This will be an exciting week. On Friday the whole school is having a music day. It will be started off by Mr Monument (Head of music at Tarporley High School) and some of his students. The day has been organised by the Arts Faculty.

 May we take this opportunity to wish everyone a lovely half term.

Miss Brown and Mrs Crotty

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