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Date: 9th Oct 2016 @ 2:53pm

Another lovely week. We are very fortunate with the weather. The children are having  great time playing outside, we have had so little rain. In class we have been looking at woodland animals and have been retelling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We shall keep retelling the story with actions. This week I am going to show the class how to create a story map and hopefully the children will then have a go using large marker pens. In the "tuff tray" there will be porridge oats for capacity. In the woodland house we have conkers and balance scales and different sized containers. Numicon will feature heavily with different activities to recognise the "plates" . We will be using the indoor and outdoor classroom for these activities. The children enjoyed talking about their weekend with a partner they then drew a picture and made marks. We shall be talking about "our news" again this week. This is a very good activity for speaking and listening. 

During the week we will be introducing the book " My Bear Griz"

Mrs Crotty

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