Reception ews week beginning Sun 11 Dec

Date: 10th Dec 2017 @ 5:57pm

What a weekend. The children will have loved the snow. Not so much fun to drive in. We went to Stratford to see 12th Night and were going to stay overnight. We looked at the weather forecast and saw that it was awful and drove home. I am so glad that we did. The country seems to grind to a halt when it snows! This week is our Christmas show. I hope that you enjoy it. Ms Brown and Mrs Lawford have done a great job with the dance.

The children behaved brilliantly at the theatre. It works really well when they sit with their buddies. It was one of the best productions we have seen there. 

This week we will be thinking about the nativity story, writing about the snow and so much more. Phonics will keep going and of course, number will be linked to Christmas.

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