Monday dinner

Date: 3rd Jul 2017 @ 6:28pm

Wow, what a dinner, very little waste and some children have had thirds no names mentioned James Davies. There are some pictures on Twitter of our meal. We are now having 30 minutes of peace whilst the children are writing their diaries before we go out for play and football. The camp fire will be lit at 7.30 ready to toast marshmallows at 8ish before a story. The children are already asking when they can go to bed, we are hoping that is a good sign

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Jacquline Healey wrote:

hi riley hope you are having lots of fun,all the pictures look amazing enjoy the bonfire tonight love from mum xx

Mrs Waddington wrote:

Riley is having a great time and really enjoying himself. Well done on writing a message on the blog Mrs. Healey

Mrs Caroline Nuttall wrote:

Hi Nathan, the photos are great from today and hope you are having a lovely evening. Night, night - sleep well. Lots of love Mummy & Daddy xxx

Mrs Waddington wrote:

Thanks Mrs. Nuttall for posting a comment, Nathan and the class have heard them. They love to hear the messages

Mrs Kathryn Davies wrote:

Hello everyone, I'm glad you are all having a lovely time. I am pleased you are eating well James, we have actually got some food left in our fridge as you are not here!!! Have fun. X

Mrs Waddington wrote:

Amazingly, we think thy are all asleep so will read this comment to James in the morning x

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