Ironbridge 2016 Day 1

Date: 27th Apr 2016 @ 4:51pm

After a very enjoyable and uneventful journey, we arrived at Enginuity safely. Two hours whizzed by enjoying all the hands on activities. Lunch was held outside and was rudely interrupted by a hail storm. Very funny! Next, we briskly walked to the Museum of the Gorge. The children loved the model of the gorge and watched a fascinating documentary about the Industrial Revolution in the local area. 

We viewed the bridge both from under and on top where we took a photo of the class in the second hail storm of the day. All good fun! Eventually a little soggy we got back on the coach and made our way to the Youth Hostel. All coats, hats and gloves are currently drying in the Drying Room. The children are settling in their rooms as we write this blog. Looking forward to our delicious tea and we will update you tomorrow. Please look at the photos.

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Debby Walker wrote:

Looks like they've had a great day. Fab photos... thanks for posting these. Hope you all have a peaceful evening. Night night Sam *Big Kisses* ..... sorry ;)

Roz Kepke-Smith wrote:

Glad you all arrived safely, looks like a great place ! Hope you enjoy your tea now that you are warm and dry !!! Look forward to seeing more lovely photos tomorrow - Thank you for uploading x

Denise - Dilan's mum wrote:

Loved the update and all the great photographs - looks like you are having a great time! Have a fun evening (and try to get some sleep :-) miss you xox

Mummy, Jessica, Lucy, Alyssa & James wrote:

Glad you've arrived safely Joseph and had a lovely day. "The photos of Enginuity look magnificent." says Lucy. "I miss you" says Alyssa. Have a lovely evening, love from us all xx

Mari, Andy and Catrin Davis and Stampy the Cat wrote:

Wow looks amazing! Catrin says she would like to visit Enginuity look as well. Stampy is enjoying sleeping on your bed ;-) Nos da Ioan xxx

Caroline Nuttall wrote:

Hi Jolie, it looks like you are all having a fantastic time - the photos are great. We hope you have enjoyed your tea and that your room is nice. Have a fun evening and another good day tomorrow. It is lovely to read the updates. Lots of love xx

Rachel Harding wrote:

The photo all look fab! Hope you are having a wonderful time Harley and have enjoyed your tea! We are all missing you and are very proud of how brave you are! Looking forward to seeing more photos tomorrow! Have a lovely sleep love mummy & dad xxx

Jaana, Sami, Max and Jacks the dog wrote:

Hi, loved all the photoes, thank you for those. Looks like you are all enjoying your time out there, have fun! Miss you Maya, house is very quiet! Xx

Jaana, Sami, Max and Jacks the hound wrote:

Hi, fab photos thank you for those! Looks like you are all enjoying your time out there. Miss you Maya, house is too quiet.... Xx

Mummy, Sam and Fraser wrote:

Looks like you are having a great time! Hope you all have some sleep tonight. Have a fantastic day tomorrow xxx

Dilans dad wrote:

LOL - Matching MINECRAFT tops with Daniel...enjoy the adventure..:-)

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