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Date: 25th Jan 2018 @ 2:29pm

Hello everyone!

Last night after a scrumptious tea and a calming visit to the local church, we had a 3-D move night; it was fantastic! 

Today, we have worked hard to write and produce an amazing song about Romeo and Juliet. We have had a really enjoyable day and know you'll be so impressed with our incredible song! 

After a well deserved stop for lunch, we got some fresh air in the beautiful grounds of Ingestre Hall. Now we are back in the music studio, ready to start recording!

PS hello mum and dad (thanks for the card) I'm loving it here! 

Evie (on behalf of Year 5) 

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Mr & Mrs Hothersall wrote:

That sounds so exciting! Enjoy the last day all. P.S. Can't wait for tomorrow

Mr Jo Tillett wrote:

What a great time you seem to be having. I’m jealous. Enjoy your last day. See you later Alec. Xx

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