First week back

Date: 12th Sep 2016 @ 1:28pm

Hi, this blog is written by Year 5.

We have had a brilliant week. Our favourite things so far are: investigating Sam and Eve, making storm jars, investigating the mystery of the curly trees,  our new spelling groups,  writing letters to the police and various universities and we also enjoyed creating the messiest pictures in the world! As you can see, we have had a busy week,

Next week, we are going to start our topic about Earnest Shackleton,   in maths we are going to focus on place value and our 4 and 6 times tables so get practising! In English, we will start to persuade people to come abroad our boat that is ready for an adventure  and in the afternoon we will find where Shackleton travelled to and create our own maps!  

Who is Shackleton, and what did he do?   

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