Conway Residential

Date: 28th Jun 2017 @ 7:56pm

'Unlock your potential'

WOW what a brilliant trip! The children are all suitably shattered (along with the staff) after a fun filled 3 days.

The adventure started on the bus as the children were given key shaped stickers in different colours and were led to believe these were to do with their luggage!! However, after they arrived at the centre excited about the days ahead, they found out that all was not as it first seemed - they were linked to their tutor groups! A lot of excitement ensued as they all spent the first part of the residential meeting their new tutors and members of their forms.

Activities started after lunch with all completing lots of different sessions with their tutor groups over the 3 days such as water sports, art, beach walk, visit to Beaumaris and walk to an island.

In between, we certainly didnt go hungry and the assemblies, disco and shop kept everyone very busy.

Mrs Badger, Mrs Black and I have been extremely proud of how all the children have behaved and got stuck in with all activities.

Please take a look at all of the photos!

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