Condover Hall!

Date: 7th Jul 2016 @ 6:25pm

We arrived safely this morning. First we settled into our rooms and ate our lunch in the sun! After that we split into our groups. Some groups have been abseiling and on the zip wire, whilst others have been body zorbing and had a go at archery. I am very proud of all the children for giving everything a go. We are now resting before our evening activity. Enjoy the photos... more to come! 

Miss Cork, Mrs Waddington and Mrs Walker

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Dionne Lennon wrote:

Hi year three, the pictures are fantastic. Alex you are so high on that zip wire, wow so brave!! Have a great night tonight love Mummy xx

Caroline Nuttall wrote:

Wow - you all look like you are having a great time. It is lovely to see all the photos and looking forward to seeing more as your trip goes on. Hope you all sleep well tonight and see you tomorrow Nathan xx

Jolie Nuttall wrote:

I hope you are all enjoying Condover as much as I did 😀! Nathan I will let you know the football score ⚽️! See you tomorrow afternoon xx

Mummy, Jessica, Joseph, Alyssa & James wrote:

Hello Lucy, looks like your having a really good time, enjoy!
Night, night, love you lots :-) Xxxxxx
joe said i miss you lots

Nic Webster wrote:

What a lot of fearless children -well done everyone!
It's so good to be able to see the photos of everything you are getting up to. Keep 'em coming!

rebecca bebbington wrote:

Wow looks like you are all having an amazing time! Cant wait to see more pictures. Enjoy tonight! Xxx

Fiona Blythin wrote:

Night Night year 3 ! You all look as though you are having an amazing time. Weather is looking dry for tomorrow so more fun and sunshine to come . Really enjoying your pictures :-) x

Daniel Totty wrote:

Alice when you get home you will have no beanie boos left sorry stole them and sold them £20 one teddy muh ha haha ha

Daniel Totty wrote:

found more beanie boos and we are making candy floss later

Mrs Laura Hothersall wrote:

This is Evie
And I hope your joking Daniel because if you aren't that is not cool 😓😝

Katie Bentley wrote:

Looks like you are all having a wonderful time! And well done to you all for abseiling and zip wiring- you are all so brave. See you tomorrow Harriet- have a lovely time xxxxxxx

Russ & Michaela & Teddy Parsons wrote:

Well done year 3 - looks amazing. Hope you enjoyed your hot chocolate and have a great day today. Ollie - Teddy says he can't wait to see you (in dog).

Max wrote:

IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(the hot chocolate
Was great!).

Mrs Laura Hothersall wrote:

Hi everyone looking at this
Just telling everyone how AMAZING this was when this year 3 gets to that time I'm gonna tell you know your going to absolutely LOVE IT by the way the hot chocolate is really good 👍😀😛❤️

Mrs Laura Hothersall wrote:

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