Beeston Castle Trip

Date: 19th Apr 2016 @ 5:55pm

An amazing day at Beeston Castle. The weather was glorious!  We put all our knowledge to the test and were determined to solve our history mystery. Metal detector in hand, we searched the castle grounds. Laying amongst the stronghold we found 3 rings and in the outer Bailey we found a pewter dish. wow! I trust you will all sleep well tonight after 2 climbs to the top. Please look at the photos and leave a comment. 

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Rose Hayward wrote:

We had a great time. These are the best photos!

francesca wrote:

in dead

paige wrote:


francesca wrote:

I wonder what we go to next time.

Alice Totty wrote:


Evie wrote:

these pictures are really good! I especially like the one of us all huddled together by the stronghold!

francesca wrote:

me to

Alice Totty wrote:


Ben Coney wrote:

That was a brilliant trip!

Alice Totty wrote:

i can' t believe we found that much!

Martha Taylor wrote:

I know it's so COOL!!!

Martha wrote:

Martha wrote:


lucy williams wrote:

the pictures are extraordinary .my favorut part was finding the pewter bool .

Amber bebbington wrote:

Great pictures and a great day couldn't
get any better.

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