Base camp! Friday 30th September - Saturday 1st October

Date: 1st Oct 2016 @ 10:17am

Day 1 at base camp year 5 and 6 showed their expert survival skills when putting up their tents. Right on time the rain came and we all survived the only shower of the trip. Afterwards Bunbury and St Oswalds showed excellent team work whilst trying to cross the acid river. After a little break to get our breath back, the groups were split into two and their camping skills were put to the test. Their challenges involved making the best den with only the equipment provided and learning how to start and maintain a fire. Finally, it was time for tea...camping style! After filling our bellies we used up our energy by playing games with the instructors. To finish the night off we all sat around the fire listening to stories, singing songs and drinking hot chocolate. Bring on day 2! 

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Mrs Waddington wrote:

Looks great fun. Well done to you all

Love Mrs. Waddington

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