Back with a Bang

Date: 7th Nov 2015 @ 9:12am

Welcome back. We have had a brilliant start to the term and I am impressed with the quality of the half term projects, although sharing the projects may take some time. In English we are looking at explanation texts and how we can link between and within paragraphs. Yesterday, we wrote some impressive paragraphs explaining why the 5th of November is such an explosive day and will continue to focus on the structure of an explanation text next week.

Our focus in Maths has been division and have also started to look at squared numbers and their indices. Next week we will look at prime and cubed numbers before moving on to fractions.

Today we have finished watching Hugo and the now understand why we will be making films this term. In topic this week, we will begin by looking at entertainment and how it has changed through the 20th century. Here are some questions to help us get started:

Who was George Melies?

When did he produce his first film?

What is the name of the process he used to film?

Next week we will have Core Fit on Wednesday morning, so can P.E kits be left in school.

Parents’ evening is on Tuesday and Thursday.

I look forward to seeing you next week,

Sarah Frost

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