Arrival at Tattenhall and first shipwreck activity

Date: 3rd Jul 2017 @ 12:22pm

We have arrived safely and after a safety talk, drink and a biscuit went straight outside. We are now stranded on an island with just a wicker basket of supplies. We emptied this and put the items in order of importance. The rest of the morning has been spent learning different knots and working cooperatively to achieve tasks set. Can't wait for lunch!

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Mrs Caroline Nuttall wrote:

Hello Nathan and Year 4 - it looks like great fun. Hope you are having a lovely time. It's great to see your photos and hear all about your trip. We will keep checking the blog for updates. See you soon xx

Mr Jason Williams wrote:

Hi Lucy, Hope you are having a great time, sleep well big hugs with marshmallow....Night night Love you Daddy Emma Jess Joe and Alyssa

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