Y5 26.02.2016

Date: 27th Feb 2016 @ 1:14pm

This blog has been written by Joe, Harry, Roux and the rest of Year 5.


This week we have been looking at persuasive writing. We looked at lots of leaflets to help us understand persuasive language. Today we wrote a pester power letter to our parents to go to one of the places. Next week, we will be writing persuasive letters around our World Book Day text, which is The Day the Crayons Quit by Oliver Jeffers.


In maths, we have been looking at angles of shapes. We measured named and drew angles with protractors. After that we named triangles and quadrilaterals and then we investigated the angles of shapes. We looked for patterns and theorised rules. Last of all we checked our theories.


This week in topic we were split into different groups. One group cooked risotto and ANZAC biscuits. Another group created a healthy plate for us and Henry Worsley, who would need a staggering 8000 calories a day! The last group did the blubber experiment but we cannot give any more information – it’s top secret.


In Science we investigated friction. We went outside to find examples of friction and we have designed our own hypothesis that either increases or decreases friction. Next week we will test our hypotheses.

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