Y5 2/10/15 - An interesting week

Date: 3rd Oct 2015 @ 10:55am

Good afternoon,

Sorry for posting so late. This week you have all worked incredibly hard and shown just how fantastic you all are.  In Maths we have focused on shape, particularly looking at angles and constructing 3-D shapes. I have attached some of the photographs.

In English, we have recorded news reports; they are fantastic and will definitely help when we write our report on Tuesday.  We have started our Science investigation and this will continue, as we have so many unanswered questions! I would also like to thank you for your support in bringing in books, resources and  information. It has had a positive impact on engagement and brightened up the classroom.

The Cauliflower Cards were still wet so they will be given out on Monday, sorry for any inconvenience.

Mrs Frost

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Tilly Jones wrote:

I really enjoyed doing science and our newspaper reports on POWERPOINT WITH ALL THE INTREASTING AFFECTS!!! I would really like to do it more often. Also I would like to preform them again.

Mrs Frost wrote:

That is lovey thing to write Tilly, we will definitely be creating Power Points again. I couldn't upload your videos, but I will try again next week.

maya kasteniemi wrote:

i really enjoyed this week especially the science and outside learning and would really like to do it again

Ioan wrote:

I really enjoyed when we did our newspapers on PowerPoint even though, I made up some of it because I figot :[ p.s im making this prity short because I've got to go to cubs soon

Storm wrote:

I enjoyed doing the shapes and doing about the earth

Storm wrote:

I enjoyed doing the shapes and doing about the earth

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