RCSAT Executive Headteacher
Mrs Fiona Todd

RCSAT Business Manager
Mrs Joanne Jones (Mon)

RCSAT Finance
Mrs Lynne Davies

RCSAT Resources
Mrs Lorraine Batley (Tues - Fri)

Mrs Joanne Cliffe (Wednesday)


Principal Bunbury Aldersey CE Primary School
Mrs Nicola Badger


Mrs Sue Melia (M/T & am W)

Mrs Katie Waring (W pm & Th/F)

Class Teachers 
Mrs Elaine Crotty & Miss Louise Brown (YR)
Miss Elaine Cork  (Y1)
Ms Katherine Charlesworth (Y2)
Mrs Helen Moxley (Y3)

Miss Nicola Stuart (Y4)
Mrs Sarah Frost (Y5)
Miss Charlotte Hickson  & Mrs Nicola Badger (Y6)

Teaching Assistants
All our classes have teaching assistant support: 
Mrs Collette Walker 
Mrs Frances Lawford 
Miss Amy Porter
Mrs Anne King 
Mrs Alison Black

Bunbury Badgers ASC

Ms Gillian Corbett-Mills 
Miss Lucy Stafford
Miss Anna Sumner

Maintainence Officer

Crystal Clean

Midday Assistants
Mrs Amanda Dunstan (Senior Midday)
Mrs Rachel Harding
Mrs Laura Leeming
Mrs Sue Mears

Mrs Kate Waring

Kitchen Staff
Mrs Kath Sandland (Cook) Shire Services School Meals
Mrs Maxine Jablowski
Mrs Kate Carnelly
Mrs Collette Spruce


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In unity we learn and play in the loving hands of God.

Bunbury Aldersey CE, School Lane, Bunbury, Cheshire, CW6 9NR

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