Our Sports Co-ordinator is Mrs Susi Waddington


The first ever Y1 and Y2 cross country event was held at Tarporley High School on Thursday 17th October. It was very well attended by both boys and girls and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Congratulations to all of you. We are hoping that another cross country run will be held after Christmas. Certificates will be given to every child who took part


Y4 Girls football

Congratulations to all 7 girls who took part, you played brilliantly as a team and as each game was played your skills visibly improved. Keep practicing, they will be a tournament when you are Y5 next year. Certificates will be handed out on Monday to each player. Well done to you all!

Gary Kelsall the head Handball coach came into school on Friday 8th November ahead of the tournament on Tuesday 12th November to teach all of Y5 and Y6 a session on this great sport. The children all thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to have a go at Handball and a lucky 10 children have been selected to represent our school next week. We will let you know the results.

What an exciting tournament! Handball is fast,exciting and a lot of goals can be scored. Our team played extremely well especially as we are novices. Tayte and Tonia were brilliant goalkeepers and I expect their hands are sore today. Well done to you all, you played very well and you certainly didn't let yourself or the school down. Congratulations!

A Y5 and Y6 team have been selectes to play hockey at Deeside Hockey Club, Tiverton on Thursday 14th 1pm-3pm. When Y5 entered this last year as Y4 they won! Good luck to you all.

It was a miserable afternoon at Deeside Hockey club with torrential rain, but that didn't stop the enthusiasm of the Y5 and Y6 hockey teams. Y5 played extremely well, winning one match, drawing another and lost the third. They did not waste time feeling sorry for themselves but practiced on the spare pitch ready for the next competition. Thanks to Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Illingworth and Mrs. Huxley for the coaching. Y6 got through to the 2nd round after winning 2, drawing one and losing one. However we lost in the quarter finals to the eventual winner of the competition. Well done to you all.

On Thursday it was the turn of the Y4 to play in the handball competition. I took 9 players, some of whom had never represented the school before in a sporting competition. They played brilliantly and we came 3rd! It is a very exciting game to watch and very fast with a chance for a lot of goals to be scored. A special mention must go to Jack who was "spotted" by the coach and asked to go for training on Friday nights at Tarporley High School. This is open to any juniors from 4.45pm-5.45pm every Friday night (there is no session on November 29th due to the Tarporley High School Christmas fair)

The Y3/Y4 and Y5/Y6 Indoor Athletic competitions held last Thursday 6th February were both extremely successful with both teams coming 2nd out of the feeder Primary Schools. All the participants were really motivated and everyone put all their effort into competing to the best of their ability. It was a real pleasure to take you to the competitions at the High School. Well done! Lets hope the Y1/Y2 team work as hard as you have done next week.

The 2nd X country was very well attended by representatives from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Congratulations to all runners especially the medal winners, Ellie Huntbach 2nd (Year 3) Meg Illingworth 1st (Year 5) and Lowri Huxley 2nd (Year 5). The next event is on the 3rd of April. Please come and take part if you can, its great fun and you get a real sense of achievement when you cross the finishing line.

Congratulations to the Y3 and Y4 girls netball team who played in a tournament last Thursday 13th March at Tarporley. Mrs. Walker who kindly accompanied you all, told me you played brilliantly and your behaviour was exemplary. Well done. Good luck to Y5 and Y6 girls next week when they play on Thursday 20th.

What a thrilling netball tournament the Y6 girls had on Thursday night. Mrs. Moxley, Mrs. Waddington and all the watching parents must have been hoarse by the end of it! The girls played extremely well and improved with each game they played. They got through to the semi finals where they played Delamere who had won all the previous games. Abi Whittingham and Lucy Griffiths were on top form in the shooting circle and we beat Delamere convincingly to get through to the finals. We met up with Tarvin for the second time that night but unfortunately lost to them 5:1. Our netball club has only been running for a couple of weeks and we came 2nd in the cluster tournament, results can only get better. Women of the match for me was India Williams, you played superbly and never gave up. Congratulations!

The 3rd X-country at the High School on Thursday 3rd April was a huge success with quite a few medals won. Special congratulations must go to Year 5 who had the most runners from any of our Key Stage 2 classes. Ellie Huntbach won her event (Year 3 girls) a great birthday present. Joe Morley was second for year 3 boys, Meg I, Lowri and Maisie were 1st, 2nd and 4th respectively for Year 5 girls, Ben was 2nd for Year 5 boys and Charlie our only Y6 runner came 2nd. Well done to all the runners who took part. The last event will take part on Thursday 1st May.

Under 10 Hockey Cheshire champions

Maisie, Meg I, Meg M and Lowri all came in with medals hanging around their necks after playing in a under 10 hockey tournament yesterday (Sunday 23rd March) They won their pool by beating Chester 6-0, Bowden 2-0, Alderley Edge 3-0 and Neston Shrimps 5-0. This meant they had to play Neston Prawns in the final (they had won their pool too) At full time the score was 0-0 so it went to penalty flicks. Maisie and Lowri both scored. Meg I scored but this was disallowed because she took it before the whistle had been blown. This caused a lot of distress. They finally lost on penalties 3-2 which is a horrible way to lose. However both teams from the final have been selected to represent Cheshire on 6th April in Leeds. Huge congratulations to you all and good luck on the 6th. Thank you for putting this report together girls.

The girls have enjoyed this success they would like to start a lunchtime hockey club for Y3 and Y4 who have a tournament coming up after Easter. That will be really appreciated girls.

The last X-country for KS2 was held last Thursday at Tarporley High School. This was the biggest turn out not only from our school but also from all the other feeder schools with 200 children taking part. All the children from Bunbury succeeded in completing their race and 3 medals were won. Jack Artist (Y4 boys) was 3rd and Meg I and Lowri (Y5 girls) 1st and 2nd respectively. Please see the PE board for the overall places.

The Y1 and Y2 footballers played brilliantly last Thursday in apalling conditions, it started to rain heavily as the competition began and ended one and half hours later. The boys continued to play although they were drenched and shivering. We congratulate them all for perservering. One team got through to the semi finals but narrowly lost 1-0. Its receptions turn this week, good luck and lets hope the weather is kinder.

Netball match 13th may at Tarvin (report written by Evie, Maisie and Meg M Y5) The girls all from Y5 Evie (sub and WA) Maisie (GD and GA) Meg M (WA and GS) Meg I (C) Georgia (GK) Kaytlin (GS and sub) Lily (sub and WD) Hallie (GA and sub) and Lowri (WD and GD). We are used to shooting in high nets but Tarvin had really small nets so every shot we took went over the post. The score was 4-0 to Tarvin, but it was good practice and everyone had fun. Well done girls! Thanks Mrs. Moxley for taking us.

The YR football tournament was wonderful to watch, the 6 reception players were everywhere, not just on the pitch but at the fence watching the tractor mowing the High School fields! They played extremely well and got to the final. After 7 minutes play the score was still a draw and we had to play extra time for a golden goal to be scored. All the players from both teams were extremely tired and unfortunately for us Tarporley scored first. A close match and for their first tournament, Bunbury reception class did us proud. Well done boys!

Forthcoming Events

Y5 and Y6 football match at Bunbury Primary School 3.45 KO against Moulton Primary School

Y5 and Y6 Kwik Cricket 22nd May@Tarporley High School


Forthcoming Events 2014/2015

Our next event will be Nantwich athletic event on Wednesday 1st October for Key Stage 2 and Y1/Y2 football at Tarporley High School on Thursday 2nd October. We are hoping to take 3 teams to the football. Please look at the schools calendar on this website, all the sporting fixtures for this academic year have been posted on this or come and look at the PE sports board (outside the Reception class) for the list of fixtures. Results are posted on this Sports page and often the childrens written report and photographs are on the PE board.

Our next event is Y3/Y4/Y5/Y6 X-country at Tarporley High School 4pm-5pm. Please encourage everyone to come, it is an excellent and fun event and a really good way to represent your school.

Thursday 16th- Y5/Y6 Hockey at Deeside Hockey Club 1-3pm and Friday 17th The Bill Mills football tournament at Duddon School also 1pm-3pm. We will be taking 2 teams to this event. Read the results below or on the notice board next week. Football cancelled until 7th November

Y1 and Y2 X-country Thursday 23rd October @ Tarporley High School 4pm-5pm. Everyone welcome to take part.

Thursday 6th November @Tarporley High School 2.30pm-4pm- Girls football. Watch out for the results below

Friday 7th November @ Duddon Primary School 9.30am-12.30pm, rearranged date

Our next tournaments leading up to Christmas are the Handball competitions for Y5/Y6, Y4/Y3 and Y1/Y2. Look at the PE board or below for results from all of these competitions.

Results 2014/2015

Y6 Tag Rugby Thursday 11th September

We took 2 teams to the competition at Tarporley High School, A and B. The children played very well as a team and were all a pleasure to take. Team A and B got through to the plate where we had to play each other! Team A beat Team B and went on to win the plate. In the next match Team B won making them 3rd in the plate. Please read the competition report written by Thomas Helsby and Ellie Maddock James on the PE board.

Y4 Tag Rugby Thursday 18th September

After lunchtime practices learning the rules, running with 2 hands on the ball, throwing the ball behind and scoring a try by placing the ball in the try lines with 2 hands we were ready for the tournament. We arrived nervous but excited and our first match was soon starting. As we played the games the rules got easier to remember especially the 2 hands on the ball! from our 5 matches we lost 2 but not by huge margins and drew 3. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the event and would like to play more.

Y1/Y2 football Thursday 2nd October

3 teams arrived on the field at Tarporley and we called them red, blue and green according to the bibs they wore. Red team consisted of all Y1 players. They played very well as a team, learning rules as they played. They unfortunately lost the first game 6-0, the second 5-0 the third 3-0 and the last game 2-0 but as you can see from the results they got better as the games progressed. The green team also played extremely well, winning 2, a draw and a loss. They came 3rd overall just missing 2nd place due to goal difference. The blue team were the overall winners (from 15 teams) Well done James, Scott, Ben Chapman, Max and Duke. I saw lots of excellent football skills but for me 2 standout moments were Ben Coney scoring and jumping for joy and Nathan Nuttall shaking hands with every member of the opposition and saying Thank you.

Last Thursday was the first X-Country event of 3 for Y3/Y4/Y5/Y6. It was the biggest turnout yet from our school and everyone who competed completed the course. Special mention must go to Ella Chang Y3 who won the Y3 race, Joe Morley Y4 who came 2nd in the Y4 boys event. Ellie Huntbach also of Y4 ran the wrong way in the Y4 event so was allowed to run in the Y5 race. This was double the distance but, she came 6th. Fantastic result. Finally our Y6 girls took 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Well done Meg Illy, Lowri Huxley and Maisie Craig. It was wonderful to see how every child cheered and congratulated each other.

The results for the Y1 and Y2 cross country have just come out, Y1 boys came 3rd overall and Y2 girls and boys won their events. This is a fantastic result and one that all Year 1 and 2 runners should feel very proud of. Well done to you all and a huge thanks to Mrs. Moxley and Mrs.Lander for going along to watch.

Last week saw 2 football tournaments, the Y6 girls competition. We sent a team with Mrs. Mellor and they came second overall. Well done.

On Friday in the most appaling weather 13 children from Y6 and 2 from Y4 went to play in the Bill Mills tournament at Duddon. Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Moxley accompanied them. Although they all looked like drowned rats when they reappeared at school they came 3rd and 4th. It must have taken a long time to warm up and dry. Thank you to everybody who went.

Handball Y5/Y6

This is an extremely fast game where many goals can be scored. We took a squad of 10 players and had to ensure there were at least 3 boys/girls on the court at a time. The team consists of 7 players. We came third in our section and then had to play for 5th or 6th position overall. Our last game was the best and we won convincingly to take 5th place in the tournament.

Handball Y3/Y4

Once again 10 players were taken from Y4. Freddie and Daisy were our 2 goalkeepers and they both did a fantastic job keeping out a lot of goals. It took a while for us to get used to the size of the court, markings and positions and direction of the game. Once again the last game was our most successful which we won by 5 goals. Well done to freddie, Roux, Maya, Isla and Sophie for brilliant goals and also a huge thank you to Mrs. Harrison and Mrs Kinnear for the lifts.

This last half term saw all classes partaking in the Indoor Athletic competitions at Tarporley High School. Y3/Y4 went first and won the competition out of 10 schools. Not only were they extremely athletic but their behaviour was impeccable also. Well done. Y5/Y6 followed later on in the day and also came a very commendable 2nd place. The following week it was the turn of Y1/Y2 and they also came back as victors carrying medals and a shield that we are able to keep for a year. Please see some photos that are on the display section of this website and the shields that are in pride of place in our entrance area. Thank you to all the competitors that took part, the parents who taxied for us and all the spectators who shouted their encouragement.

Y3/4/5/6 X-country

congrtulations to all who took part last Thursday, the numbers slightly dropped from the last event but I think the clash with parents evening didn't help. That is with the exception of Y4 who managed to have 17 runners out of 29, fantastic achievement and we managed to come 3rd in both the girls and boys events out of 10 schools who took part. On the 19th it is the turn of Key Stage 1!

There was a huge turn out for KS1 X-Country, it was such a lovely atmosphere. I know there is a report in the newsletter and you have all been named which is lovely. The glorious sunny weather helped you all run the distance and Y4's 55% attendance record has been smashed unfortunately. Y1 had 63% attendance and Y2 70%! that is going to be very hard to beat but we will try. The next events are in April, look at the calendar either on the school platform or on the PE board which is outside YR. Well done to all who took part.

it was the turn of the netball team to show their stuff tonight at Tarporley High School. We took 17 girls from years 5 and 6 to play in two competitions. Team A had 4 matches and Team B had 3. Team A won all their matches convincingly, excellent play was seen by all the players at all times and they just got better and better. Woman of the match was Maisie Craig. Team B drew their first match and then went on to win their next 2. Both A and B went on to win the whole competition. Well done to you all and your coaches. Please see photos on the netball blog.

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