Welcome to Religious Education at Bunbury  School.

In our recent inspection we were given outstanding for RE. We were thrilled.

R.E. is a very important part of the life of Bunbury School. Although it is taught in lessons we strive to ensure that Christian values are evident throughout the school day. At the beginning of the new academic year 2016-17 we will be spending the first week looking at the Christian values that all the stakeholders in the school voted on. The Christian values chosen are Friendship, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Hope, Trust, Peace and Compassion surrounded by Love.

Here you will also find our Scheme of Work. At Bunbury Aldersey Aided School we are always trying to keep abreast of new developments and are at present trialling a new draft sheme of work that Jane Brooke and Sue Glover from the Diocese are creating.This year new R. E. materials are being presented by various organisations and  the school and governors will be looking at them to see which are the most suitable for our school.

The lesson always starts with a question. Not all children believe or have the same faith and children enjoy questionning and discussion. The children also learn about Judaism, Hinduism amd Islam.

We work closely with our vicar Rev. Tim Hayward. He helps us to plan assembly themes for the year. The church community also puts on interactive workshops at St Boniface Church for the children to experience. These are really thought provoking and moving. Previous workshops have been on the Fruit of the Spirit (which we base our Friday celebration assembly on) and the Lord's Prayer. We look forward to a workshop on light nearer Christmas.

The assembly themes follow the church year. We also have roundabout assemblies . The children are put into groups and once a week they rotate around the school to all the teachers who then take an assembly on a certain topic. It is lovely for stafff to get to know all the children in the school and to work with a variety of ages. The knowledge and questionning powers of the children never ceases to amaze me.

Elaine Crotty

R.E. Coordinator

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In unity we learn and play in the loving hands of God.

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