Our Mission

At Bunbury Aldersey we aim to give children a Primary Education they will never forget, rich with diverse opportunities and experiences set within a Christian context. We are very proud of our school and its family ethos – underpinned by Christian values. The Church School values we teach the children are the foundations of our school, taught through making links to Bible stories, SEAL and Fruits of the Spirit, enabling our children to make choices and decisions, both in and out of school. Our strong inclusive ethos places pupils at the heart of all the school does with pupils making an outstanding contribution to the school and local communities. In our recent Ofsted Inspection (January 2016) our pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development was highly praised.

We welcome all children and their families and see every child as an individual, valuing the contributions of all children across all areas of school life. We provide a high standard of education in a secure, happy environment. We aim for children to become confident, enquiring and independent learners, ready to challenge themselves, and enjoy and value learning.

We expect children to strive for their best in all areas of school life – religious, academic, physical, artistic and recreational.

We promote and achieve high standards of self-discipline and behaviour. We provide opportunities for every child to develop the social skills of tolerance and consideration, mutual respect and care within a Christian context.

We value the vital partnership between home and school, with parents and staff working together for the benefit of the children as we prepare them for success in the challenges of an ever changing world.

Our Vision

Our vision is set within the structure of our Christian beliefs and our new and successful work around The Rights Respecting Schools Award and consequently is underpinned by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and particularly the following articles:

Article 3: The best interests of children must be our primary concern.

  • Article 29: Children’s education should develop each child’s personality, talents and abilities to the fullest. It should encourage children to respect others, human rights and their own and other cultures. It should also help them learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.

Our long term vision for Bunbury Aldersey is for a school where:

Our Christian values underpin all we do.

  • Our children are happy, caring and empathetic to others
  • Our children learn and develop as moral individuals within the context of Christian values 

A child’s learning and progress are not determined by their socio-economic background, gender, ethnicity or any other external factor – high aspirations are for all.

  • All children make better than expected progress from entering the school to leaving at the end of Year 6.

  •  “Outstanding” status” for attainment through  on-going work to raise achievement

Parents and carers are active partners in their children’s learning, and are provided with the information and knowledge required for them to be fully involved

  •  Parental satisfaction is reflected in annual questionnaire – 90%+ feeling they are given enough information to help their child

  • Bunbury Aldersey is recognised for its work and is seen as a centre of excellent practice in the local area.

The curriculum is designed to meet the particular needs of our children, giving children the opportunity to shine whether through traditional academic standards, the arts or sport.

  • Children are involved in the planning of the curriculum so that it meets their interests

  • Children’s personal achievements outside school are recognized and included in curricular planning and learning, where this is relevant

  • Bunbury Aldersey works closely with local secondary schools to ensure our children are ready for the next phase of their education.

  • The curriculum takes full advantage of advances in technology where they can enhance and develop learning.

The environment provides rich learning experiences for the children which complement and enhance the curriculum

  • Bunbury Aldersey aims to provide excellent curricular teaching and learning across the school through a well planned and taught CPD programme which then promotes progress and excellence.

  • Bunbury Aldersey continues to strive to achieve an “Outstanding” status for curriculum within Ofsted reports.

The learning culture equips children with the skills they will need to be successful learners in the next phase of their education and beyond.

  • Bunbury Aldersey continues to embed and develop its “Learning to Learn” culture, and is recognized as a centre of excellence in its practice

  • Bunbury Aldersey strives to maintain its “outstanding” status for learning behaviours within Ofsted criteria and is recognized in subsequent inspection reports.

  • Bunbury Aldersey children continue to be academically and socially successful in their transition to the next phase of their education or if transferring to other schools mid-phase

  • The emotional well-being of children is considered alongside their learning needs through a focus on resilience

The environment provides rich learning experiences for the children which complement and enhance the curriculum

  • Classrooms will provide a stimulating learning environment which promote independence and interactive learning

  • The outdoor environment will continue to be developed so that all aspects of the curriculum can be taught outdoors

  • The outdoor environment will provide a place where children can rest and play during break, allowing them to develop socially, physically and imaginatively

Teachers take responsibility for their own learning, and CPD sees quality of teaching continually improve.

  • Teachers will use the appraisal process as a means for professional development.
    Coaching and mentoring will be a formalised system for sharing expertise.

  • The development of leadership will continue to be a priority with new initiatives led by staff other than SLT.

  • Teaching at Bunbury Aldersey will strive to be recognized as “outstanding” by working towards national criteria which evaluates this

Children have access to and are engaged in a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

  • Bunbury Aldersey will aim to continue to provide a range of extra-curricular activities which enhance and enrich their educational and personal achievements

  • All children should be involved in at least one extra-curricular activity per year.

  •  School staff will be able to evaluate the impact of these activities on children’s continuing achievements

 Every child has the opportunity to be an effective member of their school and local community

  • The school council will continue to be a focus for decision making in the school.

  • The school council will strive to work towards recognition of its work within the school, against relevant national criteria

  • The school council will have a more public voice through the newsletter and reporting to staff meetings and governors.

  • The school council will aim to link with other school councils.

  • We will actively seek out ways to be more engaged in the local community. Examples might include being involved with the local Foodbank, having effective links with differing schools, local care homes, businesses, etc

 Children understand their rights, and how to respect those of others.

  • The convention on the Rights of the Child will continue to be at the heart of school life, and kept under regular scrutiny

  • Children will deepen their understanding of not only their own rights, but globally. Solid international links will be pursued with schools in different countries

  • Staff will ensure that the teaching of rights is planned for explicitly through assemblies, stand-alone lessons or cross-curricular links.

  • Bunbury Aldersey will aim to achieve level 2 of the RRSA


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In unity we learn and play in the loving hands of God.

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