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At Bunbury Aldersey C of E Primary School, we aim to give a secure and deep understanding of mathematical concepts in order for all children to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding to achieve their potential within school but to also ignite a life-long love of maths to flourish as proficient mathematicians beyond school.

Lessons are taught with a real-life context, incorporating specific use of mathematical terminology and with a specific focus on problem solving and reasoning skills. A real-life situation is given to all math concepts in order for children to understand, transfer and contextualise the skills they learn in school. Each concept moves through a concrete, pictorial to the abstract representation to ensure a deep and secure understanding. Part- part- whole and bar models are used across the school to aid and underpin a secure understanding of the structures of mathematics wherever possible.

At Bunbury, we believe each child is an individual and will grasp concepts at different rates. In order to give all children every opportunity to reach their full potential, all children are challenged at a level to suit their needs. To achieve this, fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills are inbuilt into every lesson. This ensures children, who grasp concepts rapidly, have the opportunity to apply, transfer and deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills progressively rather than accessing further content. Similarly, children who may not have grasped the concept are given rapid support to secure understanding with the principle of ‘keep up not catch up’.

To further contextualise mathematical concepts, each class incorporates maths skill, understanding knowledge and problem solving concepts to enriches their creative curriculum.


We include practical application of mathematics in our 'Take Away Homework' so that children can choose to engage in a meaningful task which challenges them to apply their skills.

We expected children to practise times tables each week from Year One (x1,x2,x5,x10) to Year Six (up to x12). Teachers will regualry assess the children's knowledge of times tables (divison facts as well as multiplication facts) . It is vitally important for children to become fluent in their multiplication knowledge but also to be able to apply their skills. 

Mathletics is an online resource purchased by school to allow the children to access up to date maths activities to support their learning at home. Parents can access the portal via their child's password to support their learning using the most up to date methods. Children enjoy earning points towards certificates which are then presented to the children in our Celebration Assembly on Friday. They can also play maths games against children from across the world. (Please note the weekly  points are earned Sunday to Sunday and are reset automatically on Mondays so homework must be completed by Sunday).

Here is a useful link below which explains the recent research project showing the positive impact that Mathletics has on the attainment of children in their maths tests at Primary School:,56FR,2R4CPZ,F7LN,1

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